Fantasy Shopping: Pinterest

I am a notorious procrastinator, which means I probably have 20 different tabs open at any moment of youtube tutorials, blog posts, and online shopping. But no one has enough money to actually buy all of it. Thus, my Pinterest is probably my most-updated social media, especially my fashion board! I have a rather eclectic style, and so I pin everything I love (but can’t afford!).   … Continue reading Fantasy Shopping: Pinterest


It’s that time of the year again! The Hogwartian capes, dramatic sashes, and bizarre caps are adorned, if a little over-eagerly, and everyone awkwardly standing around trying not too look too pleased with themselves. Back in the day, one could argue that Graduations are primarily for the parents; giving them an appropriate space to group together and brag about their children. Nowwadays however, Graduations are … Continue reading MY TOP 6 GRADUATION LOOKS: 2016

Why employers should stay off our social media.

If you are under the age of 30, you have probably already been warned about what you put up on social media in fears of how your future employer will interpret it. In fact, there numerous studies about how to manipulate your page to make you more employable: from your profile picture, to the type of societies will look better on your CV. It seems you can not … Continue reading Why employers should stay off our social media.

What is cruelty-free make up?

Over the past few months, cruelty-free make up and beauty products has become far more prevalent on social media. On Youtube alone there are over 86,000 pages of people discussing it as a topic, and given recommendations of the best brands use from both a quality and ethically friendly angle. For me, I started to become aware of cruelty free make up recently,  when I … Continue reading What is cruelty-free make up?