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As you may be aware, I am a big fan of Diane Keaton. She was my monthly Style Icon for September, and I was locked in her wardrobe. Her Pinterest is very quintessentially her; very stylistic and greyscale. Now we can see the world through her bespectacled eyes.

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Keep your head in the game | Disney-fy your workouts.

‘New Year, New Me’ – the mantra of every January since the birth of the calender. Every new year we analyse our lives (often with a little help from the unattainable goddesses of Instagram) and determine that we can do better. We can be fitter, healthier, more productive. We can be bigger, smaller, more social, and less tired. We decide to go running every morning before work, before a healthy breakfast of a broccoli medley and a single shot of Peruvian espresso.

Before you know it, it is the middle of March and you’ve been eating the same leftover curry for the past three days. Trainers collecting dust in the corner, you binge on the next ‘unmissable’ show on the Netflix conveyor belt.

We all know this pattern (right?!). We have such good intentions when the clock strikes midnight, how can we keep it up for the rest of the year? We need to make it fun. I don’t know about you, but running might be the most boring ‘popular’ activity around. Listening to dance music when it is socially unacceptable to dance is weird, and no matter how beautiful the view, it is difficult to get any gumption without any emotional investment.

     Introducing the Disney Workout Playlist!



Nostalgia at its best, the Disney playlist is full of those key musical numbers which had you living in their fantasy world. Box to ‘Make a Man Out of You’, Spin with ‘Can’t Wait to be King’, or run away from all your responsibilities to ‘Let It Go’.

Live in your fantasy world of princesses and frogs and you will want to go the distance (geddit?).




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