Italian Travels: When in Rome…

Deadline. Junkfood. Deadline. Panic. Deadline. Coffee. Deadline. Hand in. 12pm. Packing. 4pm. London. 7pm. Stanstead. 3am. Flight. 6am. Italy. 8am.   The first week of my Italian travels was spent in Puglia, down near the heel of the boot. Puglia was the vacation for a foodie like me so I was excited to see how the rest of […]

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Tibits | LondYUM

I, like a pig hunting truffles, am constantly on the lookout for vegan food. I have tripped over chairs, taken detours, and have travelled to try a specific restaurant or dish. I love food. So when a friend of mine from university recommended tibits in London, I made it my mission to try it next time […]

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Cheeky Preview (Elleyro:Styling | Alexa who? It Girl)

  Alexa who? It Girl by elleyro featuring a handbag purse Le Sarte Pettegole cotton shirt £200 – Long blazer jacket £63 – Skinny jegging £160 – Tabitha Simmons black flat shoes £480 – Christian Louboutin pointed toe pumps Cesare Paciotti handbag purse £380 –

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DIY: Festive Candles

Originally posted on elleyro:
As we get into the cold, grey winter months, shelves are starting to explode with a slightly overwhelming cacosmia of candles, diffusion rods, and incense. Honestly, I love a good candle. I find the atmosphere of the flickering light rather cosy and safe, as well as kicking off the festive season with the…

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DIY Living Doll Costume

I know I am a couple weeks late but honestly, I had no idea what I was going to do for Halloween this year! I had two parties to travel to so I wanted a look which I could predominantly create through makeup rather than a specific outfit. Throughout the journey, I was scrolling through Instagram […]

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AutHAM | Exploring Ham Hill

Ham Hill is one of my favourite places in Somerset, and I love to take people from London or other cities here (so I can stand back smugly as they scat about how green everything is).   Ham Hill is a national park in Somerset generally used as a massive dog park. My friends and […]

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