How to wear the new H&M x Erdem collection! | elleyro

It is time for another H&M designer collaboration and it is looking to be the most exciting one yet! Erdem is the famed for their floral prints and classically feminine silhouettes, making them one of the go-to designers for celebrities and other A-Listers. Now they are headed to H&M with maybe the most exciting collection to date. The H&M x Erdem collection have largely stayed true to … Continue reading How to wear the new H&M x Erdem collection! | elleyro

Keep your head in the game | Disney-fy your workouts.

‘New Year, New Me’ – the mantra of every January since the birth of the calender. Every new year we analyse our lives (often with a little help from the unattainable goddesses of Instagram) and determine that we can do better. We can be fitter, healthier, more productive. We can be bigger, smaller, more social, and less tired. We decide to go running every morning … Continue reading Keep your head in the game | Disney-fy your workouts.

DIY: Festive Candles

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As we get into the cold, grey winter months, shelves are starting to explode with a slightly overwhelming cacosmia of candles, diffusion rods, and incense. Honestly, I love a good candle. I find the atmosphere of the flickering light rather cosy and safe, as well as kicking off the festive season with the smell of gingerbread and musk. However, candles can cost anywhere… Continue reading DIY: Festive Candles

Brighton Pride: Shade and light.

Brighton Pride is widely regarded as the largest LGBTQ+ celebration in the UK. For one weekend, the seaside town is flooded (pun intended!) with all genders, sexualities, and races, young and old alike, to shine a light on the growth and pride within the LGBTQ+ community. View this post on Instagram Around 300,000 people at Brighton pride this year … Amazing ❤️💚💛💙💜 #brightonpride #brightonpride2016 #brighton #brightonlife … Continue reading Brighton Pride: Shade and light.

A Quarter Life Crisis Playlist!

I have previously talked about the 15 practical things to do to get out of your quarter life crisis, but as we all know, it is not that simple. Motivation and confidence are crucial when trying to steer your life into any sort of direction. Unfortunately, both have a tendency of slipping away from us as unemployment and fear dwells. These two playlists (curated by moi) will let you hide from the world, as well as push you on.

Good luck!


There are two main emotions during a quarter-life crisis: paralysing fear, and dull apathy.

The Fear:

This playlist will let you wallow in self-pity before trying to cheer you up and give you enough confidence to start looking at those job listings.


Once you’ve searched through bookmarking possible jobs, it can be easy to put off the mountainous task of actually researching and applying for the positions. This playlist is full of classic, high momentum songs to not only keep you going but also keep you in good spirits.

 Enjoy! .x.


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15 things to do to get out of your quarter life crisis!

A quarter life crisis is when a 20-something year old realises that they have literally no idea what they are going to do for the rest of their lives. It turns out no one cares about your degree, and unless you have 30-years of work experience, or are willing / available to work for free, you kind of freeze. So here are 15 practical things to … Continue reading 15 things to do to get out of your quarter life crisis!

Why employers should stay off our social media.

If you are under the age of 30, you have probably already been warned about what you put up on social media in fears of how your future employer will interpret it. In fact, there numerous studies about how to manipulate your page to make you more employable: from your profile picture, to the type of societies will look better on your CV. It seems you can not … Continue reading Why employers should stay off our social media.