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A true style icon makes you want to immolate their essence. They are so chic; you end up filling up multiple online baskets trying to find everything they have ever worn.

If you have been reading my blog for a little while, you may have gathered that I have a massive style crush on the beautiful Diane Keaton. I have stalked her Pinterest, read every fashion blog post about her and devoured every interview I could find of her on Youtube. She is objectively fabulous. Genuinely, I can not think of any other person in Hollywood right now that has such a unique, yet seemingly effortless style.

Diane Keaton is almost the dictionary definition of a S.T.Y.L.E. I.C.O.N.  Straight after watching Annie Hall and First Wives Club, I was on the hunt for turtlenecks. Waistcoats and white floor-length coats are my primary eBay searches, and I have been trying to smuggle my dad’s suits away out of their dust covers.

With my recent introduction to both Annie Hall and Diane Keaton’s Pinterest, I wondered whether I could integrate a little of her essence into my wardrobe. Or rather, what I would wear if I was hypothetically stuck in her wardrobe (one can only wish).  So, I have conducted a little challenge where I tried to create some classic Diane Keaton reference points without buying any additional pieces. I wish I could say that this was an entirely original idea, but I was inspired by this Mr Kate blog post (and I’m sure it is elsewhere on the internet too). So here are three of Diane Keaton’s key looks and my creased-up attempts.



1) Monochromatic Masculinity

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2) The Annie Hall

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3) Accessible Accessories

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