Five of the best cleansing balms! | Beauty

Angel Balm  £55, Alexandra Soveral ( They say:  A must-have, multi-functional balm for any beauty routine. We say: Fashion editors swear by Alexandra Soveral facials — her celebrated massage techniques are the only thing that can reverse the fatiguing effects of back-to-back shows — and apply the Angel Balm religiously between appointments. As well as being a brilliant cleanser, this beeswax-coloured balm also doubles as a regenerative … Continue reading Five of the best cleansing balms! | Beauty

The best purple lipsticks for spring (and the rest of the year!)

  Whether you are a purple newbie, or a wine lip connoisseur, the perfect purple lipstick can edge up any outfit. They are particularly beautiful in spring time; contrasting with the typical peachy floral and denim mini dresses. Here are some of my favourite purple lipsticks for every occasion, whether you favour a more natural look, a dark, grungy look, or a statement piece.   … Continue reading The best purple lipsticks for spring (and the rest of the year!)

Redefining ‘Nude’: Christian Louboutin

It has long been known the beauty and fashion industry has an issue with race, but I think some of us tend to forget the extent in which fashion tries to ignore race as a topic. When one thinks about nude, you will be forgiven for imaging beige’s and tan’s. But for a very large population of people, this is simply inaccurate. However despite the … Continue reading Redefining ‘Nude’: Christian Louboutin

Body Shop ‘Hemp’ Hand Protector Review!

  As someone with pretty severe eczema, I have heard ALOT about Hemp products. Hemp is supposed to be one of those miracle ingredients for dry skin; it is moisturising, numbs itching, and helps with things like dandruff and even psoriasis. When I went into Body Shop last year, in aims of trying to find something other than E45 for my dry skin, I was taken straight … Continue reading Body Shop ‘Hemp’ Hand Protector Review!

LUSH ‘Buffy’ Review.

Lush’s ‘Buffy’ is a vegan body butter/exfoliator bar which, as someone who suffers from eczema, is a freaking god send. Don’t get me wrong, it is not a gentle or kind product, despite it’s natural ingrediants. The ground rice and almonds scrubs away all the dead skin with ease, leaving only the healthy, pink skin behind. Before you’ve realised how severe the scrub is however, the … Continue reading LUSH ‘Buffy’ Review.

What is cruelty-free make up?

Over the past few months, cruelty-free make up and beauty products has become far more prevalent on social media. On Youtube alone there are over 86,000 pages of people discussing it as a topic, and given recommendations of the best brands use from both a quality and ethically friendly angle. For me, I started to become aware of cruelty free make up recently,  when I … Continue reading What is cruelty-free make up?