July’s Style Icon | Mr Kate!

If you are like me and regularly choose Youtube over the TV, you may already know who Mr. Kate is. If not, let me catch you up. Mr. Kate is an interior designer, actress, Youtuber, writer, jewelry designer and general “creative weirdo“. From the success of her Youtube channel — which primarily focuses on lifestyle and DIY […]

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Festival Style | Glastonbury

While everyone else was crying glitter, we went for doggy paddle, chasing-a-ball-into-the-ocean realness. That tent was not waterproof you guys. . . . . #wethairdontcare #ootd #ootdfestival #doubledenim #redlip #whynot #twodifferentworlds #posers #poses #tentlife #glastonbury #festival #festivalmakeup #glitterrebellion #shortshorts #friends #pink #motd #sheepdogcouture #glastonburyfestival2017 A post shared by Elle (@elleyro) on Jun 30, 2017 at […]

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Festival Style | Pride

Obviously, Pride has deeper meaning; it acts both a celebration of modern progress, as well as a remembrance service to those who spent their lives advocating for LGBTQ+ rights. I am not the most qualified person to talk about that major facet of Pride. I am here to highlight the pretty clothes. If you want to […]

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Five of the best cleansing balms! | Beauty

Angel Balm  £55, Alexandra Soveral (alexandrasoveral.co.uk) They say:  A must-have, multi-functional balm for any beauty routine. We say: Fashion editors swear by Alexandra Soveral facials — her celebrated massage techniques are the only thing that can reverse the fatiguing effects of back-to-back shows — and apply the Angel Balm religiously between appointments. As well as being a […]

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Stick it to the pink! | Fashion

     Never a girly girl, the colour pink had previously always alluded me. I had always wanted to become Avril Lavigne (her classic 2004 look of course), from the wannabe punk to the teenage emo phase; all side fridges and myspace poses. I was ‘cool’, or ‘edgy’, (or ‘a sheep‘).      So imagine […]

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