Festival Style | Pride

Obviously, Pride has a deeper meaning than just a fabulous festival; it acts as both a celebration of modern progress, as well as a remembrance service to those who spent their lives advocating for LGBTQ+ rights. I am not the most qualified person to talk about that major facet of Pride. I am here to highlight the pretty clothes. If you want to learn more about Pride,  I will link some resources at the bottom of the post.

Please feel free to add any more information or resources in the comments!

#prideinlondon is serious business

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This is what happens when you put 'smart-casual' on the invite Carol.

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#dragbride #bride #brightonpride #brightonpride2017 #gaypride #dressup #fancydress #yolo

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"That's the way it is." #2pacshakur . . #elliegsmith @ellie_gsmith

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Pride 2K17.

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Amazing outfits here at @londonlgbtpride 😄

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Cheekbones on point doe. #brightonpride2017 #gaypride #brighton #gothswithrainbows

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