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Angel Balm 

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£55, Alexandra Soveral (

They say:  A must-have, multi-functional balm for any beauty routine.

We say: Fashion editors swear by Alexandra Soveral facials — her celebrated massage techniques are the only thing that can reverse the fatiguing effects of back-to-back shows — and apply the Angel Balm religiously between appointments. As well as being a brilliant cleanser, this beeswax-coloured balm also doubles as a regenerative mask, lip salve, and even a cuticle cream so you get plenty of bang for your buck. It smells heavenly, thanks to rose geranium oil, and left my skin feeling soft as a baby’s and much more moisturized after only one cleanse. I’ve never been keen on masks but must admit that the feeling of essential oils soaking into my skin was the most pleasant 20 minutes I’ve spent in some time.

Multi-Miracle Glow 

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 23.35.03

£45, Charlotte Tilbury (

They say: A multi-transforming, multi-miraculous skin remedy: a deep-cleansing face balm with anti-wrinkle benefits, a regenerating mask and a “go-anywhere” SOS remedy that you can use on cuticles, elbows, heels and shins. 

We say: Charlotte Tilbury’s glow cream has an impressive CV. It’s a multitasking cleansing balm, overnight mask, and body cream and also promises anti-wrinkle benefits and the ability to transform your figure into the “body of an angel”. No wonder it has the word “miracle” in its name. It’s enriched with sea buckthorn and cranberry seed oils so it has a super-glossy texture. I loved how easy it was to spread across my face and smooth into the crevices — just one cleanse later I felt as if my skin had been given a proper deep clean. It also works brilliantly as an overnight mask, especially if your skin is dry, dull or in general need of TLC. A thin layer is all you need and you’ll wake up with smaller pores, baby-smooth skin and the kind of subtle glow that you get from a two-week holiday somewhere sun-soaked.

 Nourishing Cleansing Balm 

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 23.35.14

£18, Pixi (

They say: The Nourishing Cleansing Balm removes all traces of your makeup while nourishing your skin, leaving it silky-soft.

We say: Pixi really had to prove itself after the cult success of its Glow Tonic and it’s hit a home run with its cleansing balm. The formula, enriched with almond oil, cocoa butter, and vitamin E, melts from a solid balm into a wonderfully rich oil when applied, leaving your skin feeling pampered as well as squeaky clean. It’s a particularly good option if your skin has to battle the drying effects of central heating. Simply apply the balm straight on to dry skin, watch the day’s grime slowly disappear from your face then rinse with a damp cloth. My skin felt as if it had a layer of moisture on the surface post-cleanse, which was particularly good at relieving the dry patches under my eyes.

 Truly Gentle Cleansing Balm


£22, Harbour Elements (

They say: The Truly Gentle Cleansing Balm is a luxurious concentrated gel oil which melts into the skin and transforms into a feather-light milk when rinsed with water.

We say: If your skin is easily irritated by artificial fragrances and harsh formulas, Harbour Elements has the solution. The cleanser is 100 percent plant-based so there are no tricks up its sleeve, just a trio of lovely oils — camellia tea, avocado, and jojoba — that are packed with fatty acids and antioxidants. All you have to do is massage the gel into your skin with damp fingertips and splash with warm water to create a creamy milk before rinsing off. The chamomile helps to soothe inflammation, while the calming coconut extracts left my skin blissfully make-up-free but without that horrible stripped-back feeling.

 Nourishing Cleansing Balm 


£44, Diptyque (

They say: This natural formula is enriched with oils and waxes to soften your skin, while vitamins A, C, and E give you an added glow.

We say: This beautifully thick balm is everything I want from a cleanser. The scents of rose and geranium mean it’s a comforting mix of masculine and feminine — like burying your head in your boyfriend’s old jumper. The formula contains a soothing blend of sweet almond oil, jojoba esters, and hazel seed oil, and can be left on like a mask while you’re scrolling through Instagram until you’re ready to wash it off. You’ll notice your makeup glides off if you work the balm into the skin, using four fingers in tight circular motions over the chin, cheeks, nose and forehead. Like Diptyque’s fragrances, a little goes a long way so you can use it sparingly and skin will still be suffused with the amazing floral scent.

Can you believe I was published in The Times?! I am so thankful, but what did you guys think? Comment below if you have tried any of my top 5 cleansers- let me know what you think or if I have missed any out!


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