Is Fashion Finally Changing? Zendaya’s Size-Inclusive Collection.

The fashion world has always been accused of ignoring and devaluing the marginalised.
If your body shape was not on trend or your bank balance is abstract at best, then you may have felt excluded from the fashion industry.


Even those who fit within the mould are starting to feel the squeeze. Charli Howard, the 5-ft-8, size 2 model was fired from her agency for being ‘out of shape‘, a story common in the modelling industry. Howard argued that the limited sample sizes drives the exclusion facing the fashion industry. A black model will have different measurements from an asian model, who in turn is unalike to a white model’s proportions.


socialfeed-and-she-s-a-shoe-designer-daya-by-zendaya-available-online-nordstrom Well Zendaya is bucking the trend with her size-inclusive collection, Dayas by Zendaya.
Zendaya has famously drawn attention to the industry’s seemingly natural inclination to body shame, and has since been supported by many other influential women, including Gigi Hadid. Well now she is putting her designs where her mouth is.

Dayas by Zendaya is prominently a streetwear collection, with a smuttering of some smarter evening pieces. The collection averages between $40 – $160 per item (about £30 – £129), and with sizes ranging from 0-22. There is no gender specification outlined in the companies manifesto so although there are a couple of traditionally feminine silhouettes, there are also an equal number of androgynous items, allowing a certain psychological freedom for gender-fluid or non-binary people, as well as physical freedom for different body shapes.


Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 00.38.42.png


Zendaya’s collection fits in with the anti-body-shaming murmurings across the industry. Maybe fashion should tailor itself to us, as after all, it is meant serve us. All of us. Hopefully this inclusion trend will extend itself to become the norm and we will all be able to express ourselves freely and inexpensively with the same designs and same collections.







Do you think fashion is becoming a more inclusive industry, or is this line just too small of a step to make a difference?

If you want to see how I would style my favourite Daya by Zendaya pieces then click here, or if you want to check out my last posts, click on one of the links below.





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