AutHAM | Exploring Ham Hill

Ham Hill is one of my favourite places in Somerset, and I love to take people from London or other cities here (so I can stand back smugly as they scat about how green everything is).



Ham Hill is a national park in Somerset generally used as a massive dog park. My friends and I used to cycle there and waste time back when we were all fit enough to cycle up those hills! This time we headed up, again to waste time, but predominately to take photos and film segments for my friend Sam Cleal‘s short film.




I honestly love Ham Hill. It’s just a big, well-kept patch of land surrounded by all the beautiful, picturesque local villages. It also has the BEST (albeit not the cheapest) dog-friendly pub called the Prince of Wales. My camera ran out by the time we got there, so look out for those pictures next time!





Is there a local area you guys love from your hometown? Or alternatively somewhere that is the perfect autumn day out? Let me know!



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