Brighton Pride: Shade and light.

Brighton Pride is widely regarded as the largest LGBTQ+ celebration in the UK. For one weekend, the seaside town is flooded (pun intended!) with all genders, sexualities, and races, young and old alike, to shine a light on the growth and pride within the LGBTQ+ community.


In recent years the pride festival has been able to focus on the rights and liberties they have fought so hard to achieve; the right to marry, adopt, and join the military to name a few.


Pride was also the place to talk about how fragile those achievements are. The tragedy in Orlando, the rise of LGBTQ+ attacks in the US, the countries which still regard homosexuality and transsexuality as a crime punishable by death, are still happening. We are so lucky that we live in a country where we are able to express ourselves and experience love freely. We are still very much a work in progress, but Pride gives us those 5 minutes to reflect on what has happened so far.


2016 has been widely noted as a full blown terrible year. With numerous terrorist attacks, national treasures passing away, and the political chasm separating even further, the clouds are thundering in. But to steal a quote from Alyssa Edwards, “you can’t let clouds camouflage your rainbow“. The hate and the fear of everyday life contrasted with the love and the colour of Pride, and made it even more saturated. The rainbow is the perfect symbol for the LGBTQ+ community in this sense. They have had to show resilience and creativity as a response to the dark times in their life. And only after it’s fully realised, do people appreciate it’s beauty.

Close up of my photo shot by @adamouahmane Hair by @wigsandgrace Outfit by @redaggio

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(^^ Perfect pride outfit?!)

Patsy and Eddie have arrived: #brightonpride can begin! #abfab 📷: @cvictorias

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(^^ What we actually wore to Pride!)

In short, Pride reminds us that things like love and friendship, respect, and acceptance, will always shine through even as the days get darker. To mark progress we must look around, as well as look back, to see what still needs to be done. Change is not just passion, it’s organisation. It is people coming together and telling the world that they love themselves, even if no one does. And I think everyone can identify with that, even if they do not identify as LGBTQ+. And that is why Pride is so important, at least to me.

Pride = Love.

What do you think? Is Pride important to you? Leave your comment down below! 🍄

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