The best purple lipsticks for spring (and the rest of the year!)



Whether you are a purple newbie, or a wine lip connoisseur, the perfect purple lipstick can edge up any outfit. They are particularly beautiful in spring time; contrasting with the typical peachy floral and denim mini dresses.

Here are some of my favourite purple lipsticks for every occasion, whether you favour a more natural look, a dark, grungy look, or a statement piece.



Hint of Wine


  1.      Revlon – Honey Douce (001): £4.77 


    Revlon’s Colorburst Balm Stein is not marketed as a purple lipstick, thus it’s subtle purple tones is the perfect colour if you want to tip your toe in the purple-lipstick water. You get that great wine-lip without the fear!
    It is highly moisturising with a great pigmentation, however due to the slightly oily formula, you 100% will need to reapply it throughout the day.

  2.     L’Oreal – Cariesse Tempting Lilac (101): £5.48


         An extra creamy formula, this lipstick has a much paler purple hue, again the perfect beginners shade. Due to the formula, the pigmentation is subtle, and you will definitely need to reapply throughout the day. That being said, the shade is so beautiful, you feel like a lady who lunches when you reapply (preferably over brunch!)

    Making a Statement

  3.     Lush – Witty: £13.95


    I wish I could express how much I love this lipstick. It is a highly pigmented pale lilac from Lush Oxford Street. It is a semi-matte finish, and reasonably long lasting.
    I mainly wear it on nights out as I am nowhere near cool enough to wear it out and about, but I think if you have much darker skin tone than me, you could rock this colour everyday. If you have a fair-blue skin tone on the other hand, this lipstick would make you look like an other-worldly etherial elf-queen!

  4.     Sleek – True Matte Exxxaggerate: £4.99


    I actually got this lipstick for my birthday, and I am was instantly in love. I wore it with my mix-print Peter Pilotto dress, and it really completed the look! The colour is long-lasting, to the point where even the next day I had this gorgeous purple hue to work with.
    Plus, the sticks look like they are mini’s, making them perfectly travel-sized!

    Almost Grunge

  5.    Lush – Confident: £14.50


    LUSH’s liquid lipsticks includes a short list of ingrdiants, including jojoba oil, rose wax and candelilla wax base to soften dry lips (full ingredients list), and are both cruelty-free, and 100% vegan.
    They are more like a lipstain, and the colour pigment can be adjusted to however bold you like. It is super moisturising, with a semi-matte finish. The first couple of coats are undeniably purple, and as you build the colour up, some deep red tones appear (as can be seen in the picture!). I found that the colour is not as long lasting as Sleek or Witty, so you would probably need to reapply after meals!

  6.     Chanel – Rouge Noir (18): £23

    Otherwise known as ‘Vamp”, this is the original dark purple lipstick. It’s statement, slightly dangerous colour glides onto your lips with ease, and there it will stay until you enfoliate your lips in the evening. This was another birthday present, and is one of the those lipsticks that you only wear  if you think the evening could match it. With burgendy-red undertones, this is another lipstick that appears more red with every coat you apply. It is extraordinarily light on application, with the pigmintation and lasting colour that you expect from Chanel.


So there are some of my favourite lipsticks to create my favourite makeup look. Which are some of your favourite purple lipsticks?


Enjoy! .x.


All pictures are my own.

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