2016 Coachella Lookbook: Celebrity Style!


Coachella is when all the worlds young stars attempt to show off their best boho looks whilst relaxing in the Californian sun. In fact, Coachella over the years has evolved from your typical festival, into an extreme outdoor catwalk whilst some of the worlds most popular musicians just happen to play live in the background.

There are some classic Coachella looks we have come to expect, and this lookbook lets you steal some of the signature pieces at high street prices.

Enjoy! .x.


The Sunning Sprinter

Keeping it casual, Lea Michele looks cool af (in both definitions) in some black high-waisted short shorts, a matching black crop top and her Febuetics statement running jacket. Here are 4 high street versions you can get to emulate her chilled back styling.



Crochet fo’ days

In true Coachella fashion, Kendell Jenner is showing off her model figure in a hippy-feel, vintage crochet maxi dress, paired with a statement necklace. Here are 4 different high street dresses to help us channel our inner hippie.


Delicate Denim

It was pretty easy to predict that denim would feature heavily for the A-list festival goers, but I don’t think anyone could have foreseen these deliciously delicate pieces. I am personally obsessed with this playful mixture between the classic material and the childlike detailing. Seeing as we all can’t afford Valentino embroidered shorts, here are some of my favourite high street versions.


Stick to the Fringe

Another Coachella favourite, the best thing about the fringe detailing is how it can be applied to literally everything, from jackets, to skirts, to boots. Here are 4 different high street items for 4 completely different looks.


Article by ELLEYRO
Images from Getty Images.

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