Redefining ‘Nude’: Christian Louboutin

It has long been known the beauty and fashion industry has an issue with race, but I think some of us tend to forget the extent in which fashion tries to ignore race as a topic.

When one thinks about nude, you will be forgiven for imaging beige’s and tan’s. But for a very large population of people, this is simply inaccurate. However despite the fact that it would clearly be profitable to have a wider variety of colours, one only has to examine the colours available on foundation counters.




However this is starting to change, as can be seen in Christian Louboutins new ‘nude’ flats line. The shoes are available in a seven different varieties of ‘nudes’, from pale pinks with blue undertones, through to deep browns with red undertones. Their slogan is ‘a nude for every women’.




Although not all of us can afford Louboutins, we probably don’t have long to wait. The brand has such a high influence over the fashion world, this deliberate inclusion of diverse colours will surely positively impact high street brands.

This may not be good news for specialist brands like Nubian Skin, who design and sell multiple ‘nude’ underwear for women of colour, but it is very good news for the consumer; especially those who may not have the money to order items like shoes and underwear in specific colours.




And finally, it is not just fashion that has started to realise that white people aren’t the only ones who love to wear ‘nude’. Makeup is slowly but surely beginning to include a wider diversity of colours. Lipstick collections like L’Oreal Colour Riche collection exclusives have the ‘perfect nude lip for all colours’ as designed by iconic spokespersons from Julianne Moore to Eva Longoria.

However colour diversity is still not a common trend in the beauty industry. Thus, having such a high end fashion house making such deliberate changes to their new collections, hopefully beauty and makeup will follow suit.



None of the pictures are my own. Featured image was obtained from Christian Louboutin’s website.

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