LFW AW16: Fashion DNA

The Fashion DNA Pakistan was a really interesting showcase for emerging Pakistani designers. The LFW show included: The House of Kamiar Rokni, Wardha Saleem, and Zaheer Abbas.


The Kamiar Rokni collection had a nod to the sixties with some modern structuring. The sheen added to the prints, and the boxy cuts make the daring ensembles seem wearable. I really wanted to like them. These girls are the most fashionable at the slumber party. My favourite look of the collection was the purple tee, over the blue loose sleeves and corresponding gold skirt. She was half way through the Ben and Jerry’s, before shimming down the drain pipe and head to the club.



I am in love with this collection! The dark details and understated drama is the epitome of the London look. Someone much braver then myself would head straight for the asymmetric grey top (paired with confidence!), whereas I wanted to buy those joggers with beige detailing, straight off the runway. The mirrored print dress will be worn by all the quietly beautiful girls with simple leather sandals, and Rachel McAdams styling. Get dressed, run onto the tube, and look like you have places to be!



Zaheer Abbas collection reminded me of Project Runway. In particular, when Heidi Klum and Zac Poisson point out that one fabric does not a cohesive collection make. The flowing dress (far right) was dramatic, and the print really worked, but by the end of the show, unfortunately, I was a little bored. That being said, everything was beautifully made, and the print itself is the modern, naturalistic interpretation of camouflage.


Photos: FashionScout


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