LFW AW16: OOTD diary!

I was incredibly fortunate to be able to go to this years London Fashion Week! As I had classes all week, I was only able to get time off for the last two days, but in that time we managed to get front row tickets, get into an after-party, and more importantly, get to see some great shows.

I will post a blog about the shows themselves within the next couple of days, but for now here is my two day London Fashion Week outfit diary.

Day #1

Processed with VSCO

On the first day, I ended up sticking to the classic all black safety net. My shirt is actually a sporting undershirt with white chevrons down the arms from when I used to play hockey competitively. The shorts are vegan leather (read ‘pleather’) from Urban Outfitters, and the statement silk floral kimono was from Yumi.

Although I was actually a little proud of this look (primarily because I had worked together a silk kimono and a sports undershirt), it did take me a while to feel confident. I think it was because I was trying to look like I cared about fashion, and through my clothes, I was trying to tell those around me that I belonged there.

Day #2

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

On the second day,  we were going straight from the last show to the vin+omi model after party, so I wanted to wear something that was both comfortable, and appropriate for both the day and the evening. The LBD has a folksy nod, with a silk detailing and a sheer overlay. I kept the jewelry to a minimum, and instead paired the dress with some over-the-knee flat boots (not pictured), and smokey nail varnish. I have to say, I felt particularly good in this outfit. I was still in my black safety net, but the the over the knee boots and length of the mini dress made me feel more confident; like I belonged to stand next to all the beautiful hyper-glamourous fashionistas and designers. I was much more confident, and as such I had a much better time.


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