Top Trends and Looks | 2016 SAG awards

Like most of us, I really don’t pay attention to what happens after the red carpet. Oh Leonardo Decaprio won an award? Great, but did anyone see Nicole Kidman’s dress?!

Google it, it was controversial.

When performers wear beautiful, interesting pieces, it alludes to their personality, as well as their sense of style. The ones who make us gag wear something that makes them look confident and fun to talk to. That doesn’t necessarily mean the loudest, or most ‘out there’ outfit, but rather when someone wears something that looks like they would wear it, even if they weren’t famous.

(Although can you imagine spending that amount of money for your works christmas party?!)

Here are some of my favourite looks and key trends at the 2016 SAG Awards, and hopefully we’ll find some high street versions ready for christmas!

Fun Prints.

Prints can be difficult to pull off; they can overpower the wearer and appear awkward or misplaced. These dresses have all opted to display the prints in as much material as possible, with muted makeup and casually tousled hair, as to not compete for attention and keep the whole look clean.


Rachel McAdams



The unique mixture of the bodice detailing, vintage inspired print and the use of pockets, paired with relaxed hair and makeup, makes this the it-girls interpretation of a ball gown. 

Red knock-outs.

With red being such a bold colour, these dresses play instead with cut-outs and contrasting skin tones. This is a nod to the old glamour, often paired with the Hollywood wave and dramatic eye. The obvious exception is Nolan Gould, who as part of the younger generation of red carpet goer’s, instead paired her beautiful dress with causally tousled hair and muted, yet smokey makeup, for a more sultry interpretation.


Nolan Gould and Joey King


Anna Faris


Katie Lowe


Laverne Cox.


Kunal Nayyar and Neha Kapur

Elegant AF.

These women are ready for tea with the Queen, then straight to cocktails at the White House. Their elegance is radiated through a careful use of colour, as well as a more structured hairdo. Apart from that, unlike the trends seen above, these dresses are different from each other in almost every way, from the careful conservativeness of Kate Winslet, to the play of textures and colours by Helen Miren and Lily Rabe. The essence of elegance essentially comes from the actresses themselves.


Kate Winslet.


Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli


Helen Mirren and Michael Shannon


Lily Rabe – This dress reminded me of an upturned lily (no pun intended!). The bright yellow plunging neckline compliments the added dimension at the foot of the dress, an effect mirrored in the styling. 

Photos were taken from the Buzzfeed SAG article.

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