Real Techniques BOLD METALS Collection Review

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One of my favourite gifts I received this past christmas was the Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection. As my interest in make up has developed, I have become more and more impressed in the quality of Real Techniques brushes. They use synthetic fibres as to limit shedding whilst being sooo soft.

According to the Real Techniques website, their new Bold Collection is aimed at professional make up artists, which might explain their higher price tag compared to their previous, relatively inexpensive collections. These brushes are between £17-£22, with the smaller eye-brushes coming in on the cheaper end, whilst the large powder and contouring brushes are more expensive.

One thing that is quite remarkable about the Bold Metals Collection is the fact that they are weighted, making them have easier handling and more natural-feeling application. The angled handles allow makeup brushes to slide out of make-up artists belts and cases with more ease, and for the amateur makeup user, the angled handles mean that they don’t roll off your table as regularly!

My favourite is the 103 large powder brush makes it really easy to apply both blusher and bronzer in large, dramatic strokes whilst maintaining a subtle colour and build-able intensity. The arched brush allows you to be slightly more precise in your application, which might not be preferable if you prefer a sun-kissed look from your bronzer.




I primarily use the 200 oval shadow brush as a blending brush for eyeshadows, however it also can cover my eyelid in one stroke, which is incredibly helpful when travelling for the New Year.




The 300 tapered blush brush is incredibly soft and precise, and is basically everything you are looking for in a blusher brush, but I find that I habitually use the 103 large brush as I prefer a glow-like effect from my blusher, and instead use the RT domed Powder brush when applying compact powder.



Are you a fan of any RT brushes or any of the other brushes in the collection? If so, which ones do you prefer?


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