Student Cooking: Healthy Egg-Fried Rice!

This dish was a staple of mine at uni, as it literally consists of left overs from your cupboards. The amount of vegetables, plus the protein balance, means that this is a really well-rounded, healthy university dinner, without any of the pretentiousness. Plus, as I used brown rice, it meant that my diabetic boyfriend could share it! It is super quick, taking about 10/15 minutes in total, and is super impressive when sharing with your housemates!



1/2 a cup of rice
(brown or white, whatever you have lying around),
1/2 red onion,
1/2 a lemon,
1x protein:
Plaice / chicken breast / drained tofu block / whatever,
1x egg,
Seasoning: paprika, salt, and pepper,
Any extra vegetables you want to add:
Suggestions: broccoli, peas, etc.


  1. Prepare your protein according to the directions. If it is anything like me, that means taking it out of the freezer, and putting in the oven until I forget about it. It’s fine, I mean, I like crunchy food (ergh).
  2. Throw your 1/2 cup of rice in a pot, and cover with boiling water. If you’re fancy, you can use stock instead. I am not fancy.
  3. Leave your rice to cook for approximately 10 minutes. If the water has evaporated away in this time, add a little more.
  4. Whilst the rice and the protein is cooking, chop up your veg. If your veg needs boiling, throw it in with the rice. Seriously, why add to the washing up?
  5. Squeeze the half lemon of juice into the rice and boiling water mixture.
  6. Start to cook the rest of the veg and the chopped red onion in a frying pan.
  7. When the vegetables are almost done, spoon the cooked rice into the frying pan and stir it all in.
  8. Push the rice and vegetable mixture against the edge of the pan, to create a border. In the centre, crack your egg.
  9. When the whites are starting to cook, stir the rice and vegetables back into the egg. Add paprika, salt and pepper to taste.
  10. Finally, take out your protein, slice up, and mix into the pan. Then transfer everything into a bowl.


Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 16.31.34.png



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