Festive lips review!

‘Tis the season to be jolly!

     Christmas is a wonderful, albeit slightly stressful time of the year. There is a lot of emphasis of having your life together; making sure you have all your presents together, booking the christmas parties, trying not to eat any carbs so you can wear your amazingly sparkly New Year’s mini dress etc.

On the other hand, you are consistently surrounded by delicious food, and people telling you to chill out with a hot chocolate.

For students, this juxtaposition is particularly noticeable. We finally get to come back home- back to toasty warm houses and all the free food we can steal from the fridge.

However, as the deadlines and exams are fast approaching, the balance between having your life together and eating all the mash potato 3 days early starts to… topple slightly.

So how can you pretend to all your relatives that you have your life together (and all the mashed potato is of course still in the fridge), is to slick on a festive red lip!

Throw your greasy hair into a bun, put on an oversized (ideally ironic) jumper, and slick on a red lip- BOOM! Festive christmas look achieved!

Basically a look book.

     Lipsticks are one of the few things which you really can’t (or at least shouldn’t) return* and as no-one, students especially, has money to throw away, here are my go-to high street red lipsticks, all between £3-£15:

  1. Maybelline Superstay 24 colour in Red Passion (S10)
  • Literally as it says on the tin, this lipstick will. Stay. On.
  • Because of this, I feel like you have to really pay attention when applying it. If you sneeze and draw all over your face with the lipstick, just give up and cancel your plans, because that is not coming off for a while.
  • With the balm, it is delightfully nourishing. Without it, it sucks the moisture out of your entire face. You’ve been warned.
  • The slightly darker colour and shiny, luxe texture makes this seem like a more expensive looking, slightly more grown-up over all look. Perfect for a work christmas lunch, or secret santa cocktails!
  • £8.99 from Boots

2. Maybelline Colour sensational in Hollywood Red (S40)

  • As you can see, this is by far the most subtle colour out of the five. It is a good beginners red lipstick if you prefer having a hint of colour, as opposed to the statement lips.
  • This is one of favourite lipsticks to wear all year round, primarily due to the everyday nature of the colour, and it is such a fail-safe product.
  • Nourishing formula, really creamy and moisturising.
  • £6.99 from Boots.

3. Calvin Klein in Sinful (31115)

  • My 14 year old self is so in love with this lipstick. It is almost burgundy it is so dark, and is perfect for a festive night out, or as a statement day-look.
  • The product itself is quite dry, so you have to be quite forceful to get the product actually on your lip.
  • However, once it gets on, it is surprisingly easy to wear, with a really nourishing formula.
  • Long lasting, it lasted the entire evening.
  • £4.99 on Amazon.

4. Jack Wills in Cherry Red

  • The brightest of the lot, this lipstick is my go to for a statement red lip.
  • The texture is remarkably velvety considering that Jack Wills is a clothing brand.
  • This is slightly more difficult to find, however you can find the Jack Wills make up gift sets online, or in Boots, or in your local stores.
  • £14 (for a 4-pack gift set) at Boots.

5. Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm in Striking (240)

  • My new favourite lipstick of the moment.
  • The texture is like butter, it is so creamy, and the colour seemingly melts onto your lips.
  • The matte colour suits so many different skin colours, and allows you to run from class, to christmas parties.
  • In the picture above, the colour is not the most vibrant, but you can add more product to make the colour even brighter and even more of a statement. Alternatively, you can smudge the the colour on, and use it as a stain.
  • Very moisturising.
  • However because of the texture, I feel like this lipstick requires some prep work before application, such as primer, lipliner etc. otherwise it feels like it will fall of your face.
  • £7.99 from Boots.


So there are some of my recommended red lips for the festive season! Have a wonderful holiday!


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