The joys of silence #blogging

Now, I don’t consider myself a blogger. Sure, I have a blog and I try (and fail) to update it as regularly as I can, but I don’t spend days trying to think of something to say, or set myself a weekly deadline to have regular updates or anything like that.

And there is a very simple reason (bar my own laziness); I only update my blog when I genuinely feel like what I have to say would be interesting to others. If I’m ranting about a journalists article (sneak peak into my next blog!), or talking about easy, student-friendly cooking, these are things I would genuinely talk to my friends about in person.

I got a little caught up the other day, feeling kind of guilty that the only thing I’ve been uploading recently as my cooking triumphs, so I started filling out the Disney Tag. Sure it was a little boring to do, but at least I would’ve uploaded something. Then I read Stephen Fry’s blog and the post he uploaded shortly after he tried to commit suicide. It was such a powerful and important piece of writing, that he as a public figure was brutally honest online as to how his bipolar disorder drove him to almost ending it all.

   And I looked back at my uncompleted Disney Tag…

   Obviously I am no where near as important or eloquent as the national treasure that is Stephen Fry, but I felt like that is what real blog should be.  A honest documentation of your life, your opinions. The things that as a unique individual, only you can bring to the table.

So you won’t find any Tag’s on my profile, and honestly you might not find many regular uploads. But everything I upload is something I genuinely care about, from rants and recommendations, to food ideas (all the food!!). That is what I mean by the joy of silence. I would rather reread 12 fantastic blog posts, then get through hundreds of drivelling Tag’s and rambling because the authors feel like they have to post something.

And hopefully, you’ll agree (:


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