The relationship: between life choices and interior design.

Firstly, do not panic, this is not some 90’s-throw back article about the importance of Feng Shui or anything like that. Rather I have moved back into my university house for my final year and am currently staring at the suitcases, the mass of loose papers and filled folders, attempting to simultaneously figure out how all this stuff if going to fit in my new room with ease, as well as what my major is going to be.

The modules I choose this year, the grades I receive will ultimately all work towards some final destination in my life. The people I will come to meet, the opportunities that will be available, all come down to these decisions. So, do I move the desk by the window, or should it be next the bed?

I know this seems like an odd connection to make, but honestly the sheer mess strewed throughout my room is like managing to witness your own confusion. What do we do? How do we decide where everything goes? Which theme to follow?

Currently ignoring the issue with some green tea and some old black and white movies is managing, but the rest of the days for the following days to come, some clutter will have to be removed and matters tidied away. And the rest of life will hopefully be reflected.

Unless you are a genius like Einstein, who believed a cluttered desk accounted for a clearer mind. That sort of puts a spanner in my theory.


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