The relationship: Between stupid ‘past me’ and perfect ‘future me’.

Hopefully others do this too, otherwise this will be really embarrassing, but whenever I decide to procrastinate or put off something, whether it be the washing up, or reading for an essay, I am so sure I will not regret the decision, and just put it off for future me to deal with.

‘Oh, future me will deal with that, I can watch another episode of Made in Chelsea’.

   And yet, time and time again, when the deadline eventually looms or my housemates are giving me evils, I curse past me for deciding to put off the task. Why now, when I have to be at work in 15 minutes, do I now have to do the dishes. Why did I decide to put off the essays then, and now, when the deadline is tomorrow and my friends are going out, do I have to sit alone in my room, normally half way through ordering angry pizza completing the stupid thing. Stupid past me.

Nonetheless the amount that I hate past me, it is nothing compared to how much I idealise future me. Future me will only ever eat salad, go on runs everyday and do all the readings at least a month before the lecture. Future me is the best. Which only highlights how terrible past me was. Past me eats an entire medium pizza by themselves and bought a dress in size too small, forgetting that they were both too poor and too fat for it. Not to worry though, future me will change it all around.

Where is ‘present me‘ in all of this? When do I, myself, here and now decide to take action and put down the pizza (#putdownthepizza)? Freud would argue that my past and future me is the most literal translation of the ID and Superego, where the ID is the desire for temptation, chocolate, fun and pizza (#putdownthepizza), whereas the Superego is the moral voice that, I at least, ignore nine times out of ten. Basically the parent in our brain.


   I know this post isn’t really making much of a point, philosophical or otherwise, but I just wanted to highlight, mainly to myself that this way of analysing my behaviour is simply bizarre, and honestly a little stupid. All I have to do is have salad most of the time, and pizza every so often. Why is it so hard?! 

So next year, as I pledge to the internet, that wonderful, infallible ‘future me’ will be two thirds of present me, and the cheeky pizza every now and again will probably taste even better. So this is a sort of Summer resolution. Not ‘What would Beyonce do’ (my current mantra), but instead, ‘What would future me do?‘ (WWFMD- not as catchy I know).

So yeah, please let me know whether you guys do this to, and I’m not alone in this bizarre responsibility split. Please.

Have a lovely day!


One thought on “The relationship: Between stupid ‘past me’ and perfect ‘future me’.

  1. I think it’s very common. Yesterday-me was stupid enough to make now-me take the dishes and damn I regret it lol.

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