Prague: Day 1

I’m going to Prague!!

(Sorry, spoiler alert).

But yeah, I’ll be checkin out the Czech republic (sorry!) for a long weekend with the Psychology society at uni, and simply can’t wait. I love travelling, and filling my scrapbook with receipts and ticket stubs.
Although stupidly, I forgot to do my research before this trip, and assumed Prague operates under the Euro.
Apparently not.

   Repeating myself for anyone else going- Prague uses the Czech crowna, NOT EUROS.

So I am currently waiting for a train to go to my bank branch, to collect my money. And I leave for Prague in just over 4 hours.

I’m so intelligent.

Apart from that, everything is currently on track, and I can’t wait to get out of the wet UK, for the hopefully dry Czech republic. It’s only £170 odd for everything (bar spending money- hence the unscheduled train ride).
That’s one of the things I love about being a student. You can spontaniosly decide to go on holiday, and the costs stay low. I’m not sure I could cope without Hostels and Ryan Air.

I thought the most interesting thing to do is, rather than use this entry as some diary entry, I’d use it as a form of hints and tips guide, in case you are also going on a travels. But don’t worry, knowing me, there will be some dramatic anecdote to go with it.

Much love and don’t forget your umbrella England!!


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