I had never heard of ratatouille before the Pixar film with the talking rat, and even then it only showed up on screen a couple of times. And honestly, I didn’t really think about it, until years later when I was stood in my university kitchen trying to figure what to eat. All I had was some vegetables a few days from going off, tinned tomatoes and some pepper. So I chucked them all in a frying pan, smoshed the tomatoes and bobs your uncle, my favourite uni dish was born. It’s cheap, you can use almost anything, and it’s ridiculously healthy. Lovely.

I used:
– Half a red onion,
– Half a yellow pepper,
– Half a green pepper,
– Left-over courgette,
– Handful of sliced mushrooms,
– Few spinach leaves,
– Tin of tomatoes,
– 1 Clove of crushed garlic,
– Chilli flakes,
– Black pepper.


1) Chop up as many vegetables as you like. I personally, slice peppers and mushrooms and cube the courgette and onions.

2) Chuck them all in a frying pan, already heated up.

3) Stir them through, not letting them burn.

4) When they’re just about almost done, chuck in the tin of tomatoes. Cut up the whole tomatoes (if any) in the pan with your stirrer.

5) Let the excess tomato juice reduce, whilst constantly stirring. As it’s all heating up, add the crushed garlic and chilli flakes as generously as you like.

6) When the sauce resembles a slightly thicker, almost pasta sauce consistency.

7) Add pepper and salt to taste.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 15.26.30.png



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