Why can’t I talk to you?

‘Oh look, there’s Courtney over there, isn’t she in your Psych class? You should go over and say hey’.

Hell to the no.

Why is it that when I see people who I definitely know, I cannot go over and talk to them willy-nilly? Even if it was with a genuine question, like what the answer to question B was, or if they’ve seen our mutual friend Sophia? They might think I’m that weird, stupid girl who’s randomly wondered over.

Instead, I desperately try to find an excuse to talk to them accidentally, like sitting next to them in a lecture, or making sure to introduce myself at a party when we’re both slightly worse for wear.

I know this shyness is stupid, and I love people who just bowl over to you and start a conversation, because they know that the worse thing to happen is slight awkwardness. I’d love to be like that. But instead I trawl Facebook, seeing the number of things we have in common and yet never have to courage to talk to them without a pre-planned excuse.

Weirdly, this is only the case if there is no obvious middle ground. I can easily join a new club or whatever, because everyone know your new, and you have the safety net of ‘Hi, my name is… I’m blah blah old… How about you?’

How I often long for those safety nets in everyday life.

I think we basically have to learn that people aren’t going to bite our heads off if we go over and say hello. They may even feel flattered. Or creeped out. Lets face it, it can go either way on that front.

Please let me know I’m not the only one who has to physically force themselves to go and talk to people they have already met, but aren’t close enough friends to do so without thinking?! Or if not, let me know your secret all-powerful one, because I’m sick of being that girl in the corner, blending into the wall.

Although mainly it because I need to find someone to talk about Doctor Who with..


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