The Relationship: Love and Romance

Okay, so this is a little belated, but here is yet another typical Valentines day rant.


   I don’t really have an issue with Valentines day… Well, that’s a lie, but no original issues. Even when I’m single, it was always just another day where no one judges you for eating wayyy too much chocolate. However, one of the main problems I find with Valentines day, is the pure lack of creativity and imagination shown by both sexes.

Cliche ‘romantic’ gestures are, on this one particular day of the year, turn into sickening displays of how much a partner doesn’t really know the other. Don’t know their favourite chocolate? Get them an overpriced box of assorted snippets of chocolate type truffles. They can eat three and throw the rest away. Even better, they actually hate chocolate. But don’t let that stop you.

What about getting some roses for your hay fever-suffering girlfriend? Or a giant teddy bear with ‘I wuv you dis much!’ stitched on its stomach by an indian orphan? Everyone needs one of those in their lives.



Please please, I beg of you, if you have to buy into this commercialised holiday, because you want to show your loved one that you still appreciate them, please get them something beautiful and personalised. If they from the West Country, get some Cider from their home town. If they love Harry Potter, try and get them something linked. If you’re insistent on chocolate, you can grab them some chocolate frogs, or pay for a take out and watch your favourite television series. Go to the restaurant you went to on your first date, or a model of their favourite car.

That is the true version of Valentines day in my opinion, to show true appreciation and that you actually listen to each other.

Or alternatively, send those presents my way.


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