So, there may be many factors which indicate that I am new, not only to this website, but to the whole concept of Blogging (does it need a capital?) and how to do it effectively.

Firstly, there is the bare, uncustomised page itself, showing as much of my personality as a stores-own tea bag.

Secondly, there is the lack of a point to this post (Tut tut).

And thirdly, my clear lack of quality control. Unfortunately, due to the immense freedom and consistent choice of modern society, an ignorant rag-a-muffin such as myself can post whatever I see as fit, without an expert in that field telling me whether it is good or not.

But that’s for another time.

I thought I would use this awful first attempt as a way to talk about something I actually know about- myself.

(Great first impression huh?)

Well, hello. I’m Elle, a student of Psychology and other social sciences (In which institution is undecided at present- will let you know in August!). I am generally a fairly nice person, with out of control hair and, most recently, a tan. I don’t pretend to know a great deal, and am often far too willing to listen to other peoples opinions and see whether I agree. Attributes which are clearly well suited to blogging..

Hopefully, you will enjoy reading my opinions, even if you don’t agree with them- in which case I’ll enjoy reading your rebuttal. Just give me a couple of attempts to crack into this world?

In return, I won’t steal your ice cream. Promise.


More beautiful than a beautiful slice of pizza_scobby doo


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